Monday, July 24, 2023


What on Earth 
did we think we
would do with 

all these vestigial 

With so many 
disabused-of thoughts 

and jealously hoarded
obsolete feelings 

still stacked
to the rafters in 
cordoned off spaces, 

it's a wonder we 
have room 
to breathe—let alone 

face the prospect 
of cleaning up 
or leaving.

Besides, in the shape 
they're in, 

how could we escape—
I mean,

how could we 
ever hope to
sell these old places 

and move to a newer, 
cleaner state 

of being—especially 
knowing, in our 
moth-eaten hearts,

that it wouldn't take long 
to cram a new one 
with bygones

and antique 
emotions from floor 
to ceiling?