Tuesday, July 18, 2023


From that very first 
catastrophe of dawn—

to the loud Lauds 
of galloping cars, 
wind, and rain; 

then, the chatter 
and nibbling, 
bit by bit 

in this or that 
room, until
all sacraments are gone—

to the gradual 
slouching, the slow 

with its penitent 
crawl towards 

between twilight's 
wine and slight

as they swim 
through your mind and
play out on television—

nothing and no one 
you'd shudder 
to mention 

as noiseless 
or voiceless 
ever seems to come.

The miracle, such 
as it even exists
to be witnessed, is

there never comes
a second's-worth 

of perfect 
blameless silence

all day long—no
not even one.