Thursday, April 18, 2024


We like to think that 
matters are settled; 
we think we have the facts. 

But what we think of as truth
may only be 
the middle—or even 

the beginning—
and brief as 
wet dew on the spring grass.

Can you picture the universe 
before it was set 
into motion? 

How about the Earth 
devoid of all creatures; 
before it even had its oceans? 

It's far simpler to hope 
in a dream 
to glimpse 

the ancient races 
and their poets: the joys 
and burdens they would carry;

the paths that they would trod. 
Next time you seek
a final answer, think first 

of all the wildly different 
names they must have had 
for god.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Once in a while, I 
grant you: revolution's 
a necessity. 

But most 
of the time, my 
tremendous sensitivity 

would like 
to argue: it's 
too messy. I'm turned off 

by the turmoil 
and the violence 
which is crucial 

to make a clean 
break with The Current
or The Senseless;

I don't want to long 
for the change 
I need to make 

with such passionate 
defiance that I'm 
swept up in some coup;

I'd much prefer to 
fall in love with 
what little I can do.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


The great rabbles
of clouds in your 
quicksilver sky—


one another—
are somehow 

less foreboding 
than the ominous way 

they loiter there
all day, holding on
to their rain.

Monday, April 15, 2024


If this were a movie, 
we'd think 

we've been shortchanged. 
And no wonder: 

the storyline's
meandering; the moral
won't cohere. But 

though we're alone in this 
cavernous theater,

and no one 
would be the wiser, 

the reason 
we haven't yet 
gotten up and left 

is simply because 
we can't—at least, 

not the we 
that we think of 
as us

See, somewhere between 
the start of the joint

and this particular 
maddening scene,

we've failed to notice 
the plot's 
beside the point.

As long as we're here 
to watch it progress, 

this life, 
by necessity, must 
be bereft 

not only of a happy 
or ambiguous ending—

but a proper 
ending all together. 

Friday, April 12, 2024


Your duress, though 
intangible, is a matter 
of fact. Yes, it's less 

material than, say, 
an egg which is 
made of FabergĂ©, 

and yet: there it 
sits, every bit
as intact 

and impeccably 
jeweled in the pearls 
and enamel 

which you forged 
with great care and 

in the just-as-
immaterial furnace 
of your stress—yes,

every bit 
as lavish and loving-
ly constructed—

perhaps not quite 
as elegant, but
every bit as frangible.

Thursday, April 11, 2024


What were the magic 
words that formed 
the world? 

For an instant
most mornings, I suspect 
that I just knew;

but soon, there's a tide 
in the ocean 
of my mind 

dragging out to sea 
all the things I think
are true—and then 

washing mixed-up bits 
and pieces of them 
right back in again—

until most 
of the detritus I can 
see along this beach 

is made up of stuff 
so self-
similar and small

that it's impossible 
for me to count 
each individual particle. 

The best I can do 
is try to put 
the view to use

and give 
one collective name 
to them all.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


It's impossible
to know 
at the very beginning 

what you'll eventually 
or outgrow 

and what is worth 
clutching to your soul
just in case. 

It's like how 
you still think 
abnormally hard 

about whether 
to toss 
that pickle jar

which you haven't 
thought to open 
in over three months, 

or keep it there
for three 
or four more 

just because 
you have 
the fridge space.