Wednesday, July 19, 2023


True love 
is knowing 

that life's 
too short to 
change too much. 

It's both never 
saying never

and never 
getting clever. 

Yes, true love 
is so 

it'll rhyme 
the very same 
words together 

over and over 
and not feel 

And it isn't 
merely kind 
and patient—

it's a doormat 
and a sucker;

it'll spend the night
in a parking lot, 

or waiting up 
in a candle-

snuffed kitchen 

And even if 
true love thinks 
it saw something, 

true love won't
bring it up

true love is
knowing better.

It's an expert 
at passing you 
your jacket 

without sniffing it 
or first patting 
it's pockets, since

true love 
truly loves 
playing it cool—

when it thinks it 
hears truths 

which it doesn't 
truly love,

it doesn't raise 
a fuss; it's

"yeah, that's fine,