Wednesday, July 26, 2023


I used to imagine—not 
unlike most—

that the gig was 
to simply keep 
playing our roles; 

we were heroic, 
dynamic characters 

whose roads through 
hard times led to 
changes for the better.

But now, the whole plot 
has gone on for so long 

that I've come 
to suspect that our job 
is much stranger 

and less glamorous 
than that. In fact, 

we're now working 
in those black times 
after the show,

swimming through oceans 
of slow-scrolling credits, 

and trying to determine 
for something 
like "certain" 

which strange collection 
of symbols we were. 

And meanwhile, 
our customers—an emotion-
purged audience—

grow restless and mumble  
their disparate ideas

when it's appropriate 
to get up and go.