Friday, July 7, 2023


Given all the vastness, 
there must be 
a planet 

that's gentler 
and less thoroughly 

than this one. 

But wherever 
exists that more tender 
place to land, it's 

probably so distant 
it'd exhaust us 
just to get there. 

So perhaps 
we'd do better 

to work on getting 
less offended 

by the penchant 
of this world 

for the relentless 
and indefinite. 
In fact, perhaps 

the world's sadness 
is a special kind 
of balm;

an outgrowth 
of our gratitude 

for the time 
it has taken us
to get this lost

and the fortune
of time which is 
still on offer 

to pay 
off the interest on 
the opportunity cost.