Thursday, July 13, 2023


Your benevolence, 
forgiveness, and largesse

may someday 
transform you 

into less of a 
noble stump 
of the Giving Tree 

and more of a fixture 
in an old 
public restroom.

Abusive and abused, 
one by one, 
they will come; 

they will 
need you, not 
beseech you.

They will spill
all they reject 
from their guts, 

and then flush—
and expect 
you to simply 

and refill. 

And yes, 
by grace, somehow, 

no matter 
how many times 
you swallow, 

the well in the middle 
of your soul 
keeps refreshing.

You alone know
that the level 

draws lower  
and closer 

to the drain line 
each time.