Thursday, July 20, 2023


Actually, it's a blind: 
hindsight is poor 
as the rest 
of your vision.
And with distance, 
failures sometimes wear 
smeared halos of affection.
Just as sheer darkness 
(all those lightyears 
of opacity and ignorance)
connects the stars, 
so too are your 
past fiascos, banes, 
defeats, and cataclysms 
subject to the cataract fog 
secreted by the intellect. 
In fact, the mind's eye 
can't envision
passing through such a 
miasmatic gap 
to behold up-close 
that which it cannot 
crawl back to. 
What sorts of distortions 
and smudges 
would be rendered? 
Much more importantly,
how much contempt, 
prolapse, and bewildered 
disgust with your past 
would you expect 
to see reflected 
in that sort of light?