Friday, June 30, 2023


Instead of 
growing gradually 
slower and blinder, 

what if the years 
make me more 
and more sensitive 

to the ways in which
the wonder serves 
to compliment the horror 

of every pair 
of rising 
and setting suns? 

Or perhaps I'll hear sounds 
more intensely 
than the patience 

and time it would take 
to write down 
or describe them—or realize 

that the scent of loss, 
and tang of strong 

now feel like a mix 
of mundane 
and supernatural 

that's become 
second nature to my seasoned 
mouth and nose.

It's possible that, in return, 
a sense which is 
even more obscure 

might fail me 
as I summit the peak 
of my powers; 

but most likely, it won't 
matter, since I
don't rely on it any longer. 

In fact, I 
won't even know 
what to call it—

though, if pressed 
and harassed by the 
unpracticed young, 

I'll still smile and say 
something like: all my