Tuesday, June 27, 2023


When you first came, 
you came as 
a bang

a prop gun 
full of blanks. 
But then, 

you became 
a name—a little 
licking tongue 

of flame—
one flickering belief 
in search of 

its religion. 
But still, you were 
not done. 

A performance ensued 
by a svelte-
but-complex system—

a fireworks display 
without cause 
or explanation. 

After that, though, 
the problem 
soon moved

from "what do I 
do next?" to 
"how can I 

refuse?" as your 
point of interest 
gradually grew 

from "what 
have I become" 
to "how have I 

been used?"
And "how long 
has it been 

going on?" And, 
"by whom?"