Thursday, June 1, 2023


Our misery 
(god willing) 
may be a 
slender thing, 
but its looming 
casts a long
and a 
powerful shadow. 
In fact, when stooped 
underneath it, 
it's so dark 
and so cool, it puts 
the backbreaking blaze 
of halcyon days into 
startling relief.
So sue us 
if some of us 
choose to savor 
our grief
and recline 
in the dimness 
of its gloom 
where it's safe—
for, as far as 
we recall 
of that bright world 
of mistakes,
we've never even 
seen ourselves 
with a look of peace 
upon our face, since 
the only time 
it might possibly 
look that way is 
after we go to sleep.