Friday, June 16, 2023


If we're being 
honest, there are 
constantly days—

grave days 
with ashes 
and rain;

engrossing ones, where 
cravings wash 
away in the flow;

even those 
harebrained and
frivolous days—

where we have 
nothing to say. But 

do we not always 
later draw some 
words out anyway?

It's as if 
there's one magical,
summarizing utterance 

we were custom-
made from birth 
to make

and our lives 
are just 
the prompts 

to which we 
must respond 
to iterate.

After all, 
though it may be 
formidably made,

a bell's not 
a bell 
unless you ring it—

and our fortunes 
don't quite 
sound like hell

until we can 
hear ourselves
explain them away.