Friday, June 9, 2023


Rorschach test 
in a game 
of chess:

do you see before you 
a contest 
to be won, 

or a problem 
which intellect 

and patience 
may solve? 

Wait—do not give us 
your answer 
just yet; 

first, observe 
for yourself how 

all of the pieces 
and moves 
you could need 

are already present—
just like 

every word 
you could speak 

comes to mind pre-

This is not a matter 
of black 
verses white

Ham and eggs 
are black and white—things 

you can taste 
and touch 
and relate to. 

is a hitch 

which is 
altogether different.

Unless, of course, 
you've just been 
terribly impatient 

with the time it takes 
the light 

by which you might 
a self

to scream across 

of spacetime 
and hit you.