Monday, June 19, 2023


There really is 
a book, in fact, 

in which everything 
is written. 

But the catch is 

don't get 
to read it 

while you are 
still living. 

For now, it's only 
the muteness 

of touch; 
the silence 

of voices calling 
and calling; 

and the doubt 
that rises, 

to follow  

and convince you that 
you're dreaming. 

For now, 
only this much 

of the text 
will be given; 

only this much is 
innocuous (but 

still intelligible) enough
to be understood—

to be underlined 
and annotated 

by any inmate 
in this prison—

as true 
beyond reason, 

beyond purpose, 
beyond question.