Thursday, April 20, 2023


It doesn't matter 
how smart, how 
famous your are—

the beguiling (if 
a little bit awkward) thought 

that time doesn't pass 
unless there's some 
consciousness there to measure it 

still doesn't give you 
what you actually want―

which has always been, 
namely, to make it 
run backwards. 

In order to do that, 
you must do a lot more 
than streamline your postulate; 

you have to 
dismantle it—

refine your hypothesis 
our of existence. 

And the only way 
to do that is 
to embarrass the turmoil 

and lawlessness 
of the present 

by performing 
a series of 
disciplined actions. Yes,

undo the future's 
holy mess 

by unbinding your definite

make it your mission 
to impoverish chaos:

make your bed 
and wash your dishes.