Monday, April 10, 2023


I'm starting 
to think that infinity
is a hoax,

having certainly 
never seen it in this star-
deficient cosmos 

(where the precious 
few which we 
can still spot 

have long since 

all alone—and
in silence). 
And god knows 

there's no end to 
the obnoxious 
finitude of our bodies, 

where, once, we were told 
we'd find 
unlimited wisdom, 

but where the only enduring 
or unbroken thing 

is the shallowness 
of our need to be 
reborn once again 

to this mean, 
and this cramped 
and diminished situation, 

so that we can 
count up from scratch 
now and then 

all the loves lost
and the pain 
we can stand

using just 
our two hands.