Friday, April 28, 2023


the sun rose (again)
in the sky—

by way of its core 
of burnt orange 

and a momentary 
burst of that 
born-again magenta—

and, for the forth 
or fifth time now, 

it shined on Earth warmly; 
the same perfect circle 
of flame as before. Only,

presently, little things 
about that disc 
began to nag Him: 

the worshipful ardor 
it seemed to inspire 
in the populace,

and the over-simplistic 
inanity of its shape. 

And then, of course, 
the height, and the 
prodigious weight 

of the very idea 
of "day after day"

began its true dawn 
in the sky 
of His mind, 

and He suddenly kind-
of wished 
He had drawn 

the whole stupid thing 
in a much 
different way.