Friday, April 21, 2023


In a city so neutral 
and so starved
for space, 

it's incredible 
to chance upon 
one redolent rectangle—

perhaps tucked away 
beneath a magnolia 
or crabapple—

in which breezes 
spread their wings between 
a company of tulips,

arranged there
like a jazz score—that is,
meticulously scattered; 

some pink, some white, 
others plum, a few 

And it's still-more 
outlandish to hear 
their swaying stems whisper 

as they nod 
their strange advice 
from that rarefied glade:

it likely doesn't matter 
which odd words 
you use to capture us,
as long as their presence 
is adequate 
to decorate 

and perfume 
some expressionless, 
barren page.