Monday, April 3, 2023


Start listing state capitals.
Or better yet, 

go out at night 
and count 
the constellations 

whose names you 
used to know.

The assignment is done 
not when you've named 
the last one, but 
only after 
some kind of 
dawning comes.


Phone a friend; 
explain to them, 
in no uncertain terms, 

that it's no use—

that a poem 
can't fix anything 
that has happened—

that no music 
is pure enough to rival 
the blackbird's—

that delusion
is sometimes 
the truth. 

(From there, simply let 
the conversation 
rabbit hole.)


Just get 
the ball rolling: 

try confiding
to a virgin page 

how it can possibly 
be the case

that you know 
in your heart 

that there's 
no such thing

as a soul.