Wednesday, October 11, 2023


To begin, close 
your greedy, 
ravenous eyes, 

and look 
for all the ways you've 
been abusing

the sky—taking it
for granted 

that light 
would always find 
your feelings, 

that your world 
would always 
have a ceiling. 

Now, in this
manufactured dark, 

there's no canopy, 
no witness, 
no stars—

none of those twinkling 
coins made of silver 

which you heretofore 
used to believe 
were yours 

to name, to mine, 
and to explore. 
And to think 

of it—this 
is just a quick 

of the way things 
really always were—

not reflective 
or generous, 

but not harsh 
or cruel or 
disparaging either. 

is the necessary 
pitch-dark you are,

the eyeless 
fear that compels you 
to care,

the posture 
of the universe 

you ever got here.