Thursday, October 5, 2023


To live life 
in the present 

sounds defensible 
enough, but 

in practice, 
there's really 
no such thing 

as that tense. 
Try as I might 

to gain purchase 
on the current—

by declaring, for instance,
that I am of the Earth, 

and always with 
the breath of its 
silty wind, I sing—

I still cannot help 
but wail 
about death 

with the loam in my 
throat from before 
I was born. 

Not to mention—
those glowing moments 

in which I hastened 
to make my nest

all dying too soon 
of their own 
poor confusion—

that carnage 
of each passing second 
only proving 

that existence 
was not 

but an artful