Friday, October 20, 2023


You may well 
and truly say 

that this world 
we're both trying 
to navigate, 

like a stallion 
who craves 

the staid strictness 
of the bridle,

is in pressing 
and desperate need 
of defining

that apt, potent arguments 
and well-
turned phrases 

shall one day tame 
the morass 
and the tumult 

that quixotic and two-
faced experience won't.

Why cast odd lots 
with promiscuous 

Why stitch a sentence 
with the thread 
of mixed-up feeling?

Why write down 
anything ambiguous 
at all? 

And in that case, 
I only 
can sympathize 

with the grit it must take
to paddle your mind 

down such a sinuous
rapid as this—and, 

in clear, direct answer 
to the question 
you posed 

in the preceding 
stanza a 
moment ago: don't.