Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Believe me, 
I think it'd be pretty 

if the words which 
have already passed 
in-between us 

thus far in our time here
on Earth would do
the trick. But 

I'm afraid when it 
comes to seeing 
one another clearly, 

it's like we're kept 
separate by the thinnest
bolt of fabric. 

And this endless,
flimsy, sort of 
see-through stuff—

which spools out
between us
every time we talk—

is a color 
we'll never be able 
to name and 

a shape whose 
dimensions our minds 
can't explain. 

In fact, the best thing
I could do with this 
problematic sentence  

is: wrap it with love
in that strange 
train of chiffon,

enact a silent, 
large, swooping 
gesture with my hands 

to indicate a problem 
"the size of our lives," 
blow you a kiss, hope 

that you catch it, and 
leave my account 
at that.