Thursday, August 3, 2023


After recounting 
all the loot in my 
empty open fist,

I'm starting to guess 
that there's no 
huge reward 

in chasing after treasures
which we didn't 
bury first. Though

of course, it's also 
much riskier, 

this dredging 
up of our past's 
cursed abundance, 

it's the only 
nest egg whose 

provenance we can trust. 
Yes, courage 
comes quick 

from the hits 
and the fixes 

and the tricks we 
impetuously lift 
off of others, 

but courage 
is still not the asset 
we're after;

courage is only 
the prick 

we require
to dig deep 

and far back 
in our body 
of debts,

and wonders, 
and regrets—

until we 
hit the chest.