Friday, August 25, 2023


I am sure 
there are galaxies 
locked away inside me, 

so I guess 
there must be 
at least one or two 

socked away inside 
you too—
and although 

it must sound as if 
the opposite 
is true, 

that's exactly why 
it feels so 

either one of us 
tries to win a fight.

Those little 
hot flashes, those tiny 
realistic stings

are hapless 
of planets colliding 

and quasars 
playing chicken til they 
silently annihilate—

and all 
for the designless, 
inevitable sake 

of huge forces' 
compulsion to 
merge with each other,

and thereby, 
to fill a 
compliant universe 

with whole lot less 
of themselves 
as they were 

in exchange for new 
dominion over 
just a little more.