Thursday, August 24, 2023


All these years 
at arm's length—
I wish I could say 

we're still on
the same page, 
but the truth is 

less sonorous (yet 
more rigorous) 
than that: in fact, 

we aren't just
light years, but 
parsecs apart.

But ever since 
the day when we first 
became entangled, 

I can still sense 
the spin of my 
stablest particles

all cartwheeling off 
to the rhythm
of your heart. 

In this whole vast 
and radiant 
theater of rapport, 

I should never again 
want to perform 
with you on stage,

but my guess is
we'll always be 
two distant spectators

yawning concurrently
at the very 
same ballet.