Monday, February 7, 2022


Funny: at the beginning, 
we think 

we can 
know things

but looking back,
all really learned were 
their names

and their 

and the differences 
between them.


When my life's work
is done
and I cannot finish 
another thought, 

perhaps I'll come back 
as a soft-
ticking wristwatch.

Imagine—all of time 
talking through me 

as I advance my way 
through its 
limitless music:

an incorruptible sentinel, 
perpetually standing 

between you 
and the very next 
thing you have to do. 


Okay. So maybe 
the whole thing was
a lie;

after we die, we don't 
rise up—

but if we're lucky, 
we might 

and fly

undescribed others.