Thursday, February 3, 2022


If we lived our whole lives 
in a lag 
in time—how 

would we even know
the difference? 

Perhaps, for us, each 
passing moment 

of one more primordial 
star in the cosmos 

which has long-since 
given up its ghost 
and exploded; 

perhaps that apex 
toward which we stride—
our one great goal—

has long-since 
gone critical 

but has yet, in our eyes, 
to smolder 
and fade;

perhaps, all along, 
heaven could've been 
the set 

of some garish, lascivious 
70s gameshow:

every chintzy bulb 
could have blown
in its socket 

decades ago—

from our point of view, 
it still looks as though 

it's been ages 
and ages since the slightest 
thing has changed.