Thursday, January 21, 2016


Okay, so maybe, I vow—to never stop holding close 
to what's most difficult. I know that it's
practice for love.

In order not just to better serve, but to better
save the whole world! from its own 
prejudice—that of so many

self-similar seeming situations repeating—I guess I'll keep
ceaseless protecting in myself
the desire for solitude.

Against the tyranny of crowds, I suppose I'll work 
tirelessly, to actually keep that feeling 
of intense loneliness—

that hard little calcified cave which surrounds me—
always fortified, guarded, dark; but 
also sung, personal,

safe and warm, and very neatly carved-out—
a private place in which to be alone
and remain so-

interred forever. Yes. For I know (I know, I know, I know): 
the more patient and slower I am willing to be, here
in this selfish endeavor,

the more, and the faster—I'll grow to deserve my future
among others, and
with her.