Monday, October 12, 2015


Good morning, American mothers and fathers—and gain way! For here,
with a sweet contradictory swiftness,
comes the height width and weight of my entire 
ungainly generation. Waking and stretching 
the skinny tapered length of our souls before dressing

in our superhero cowls and then marching quickly cross-country—
toward Cape Canaveral and Orlando, toward
Palo Alto and Cupertino, toward
Los Alamos and University of Chicago and so-on—for our
catholic calisthenics and continuing Adult-Kindergarten classes each morning;

with bright McIntoch, with Red Delicious, and with Jonathan apples 
in-hand for each of our dried plum- and potato-skinned teachers,
and with even brighter bulges of those red ripe circles 
asleep in our cheeks—one for safe-keeping and the other 
for lunch—and then rolling up our capes and shirtsleeves before resuming

the great plot of our scholarly mission. Namely: to dream!
To reinvent! To justify! To forget! And then, to a certain 
inevitable extent, re-remember! That—we alone 
comprise the world's only current, complete, living, and bounded set 
of sweet-faced and innocent and swell-tempered beginners!

And then, after class, we always come boomeranging back home again;
understanding less than before, clamoring for snacks, and burning 
to ask lots of questions—although we only ever hear ourselves
give the answers. Heck, we're not even sure we exist yet! Which just makes it 
all the more instructive—that we are the God you'll be praying to someday.