Saturday, October 31, 2015


After hatching—borne to ourselves
on the breath 
of some dateless dawn,

we are certain
of no facts, excepting those that
we are

wet—and we 
must be, at least,
here to bear witness.

And so—
at first light, 
we begin crawling. 

ever so 
gingerly, at first—upward, determined 
to capture nothing short of

our essence!—from a kaleido-
scope of new raw and beautiful

And each timid time,
climbing just
a little bit higher 

so that, from each new dizzying increment, 
we notice something a little bit wider, 
a little bit greater, and a little less specific about us—

something wild and uncharted,
and yet, 
still familiar; because always

attaching back, 
like, to the preceding picture.

Until—at long last,
we come to a certain precipice
the view from which we can no longer comprehend—

that of a dot 
on a dot 
on a blip

on a spiral—with huge amounts 
of black-slathered 
black! all around it.

But when we try—
to step back
to get a better view of this strange image,

we suddenly slip
on something wet
that we'd temporarily forgotten about

and tumble all
the way back
to begin again—only this time,

we tell ourselves
from the outset—
it's personal.