Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Once—and a very long time ago it was, 
from the deepening deadend of
darkness increasing

as the frail and penniless finale of another
copperbrown October 
went creeping

toward its 
inevitable bottomless
blackkettle November—there came, at last, 

an Executive Decision.

This!—is how we'll all 
stay warm this winter:
First—their morale plummets.

Then—we broadcast it. Then, after

that—ratings skyrocket. 

And over 
and again, more 
and more frequent,

and faster, still-
faster, until—well, that's
about it. That's the entire digest.

Research suggests
it'll just sort of 
work on its own from there,

flared the greasiest 
pair of thin 
nostrils in attendance that evening,

in a very similar way 
as the heat 
that gets generated—whenever 

we meet
and rub with glee—the palms of our greenish 
hands together.