Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Once you've been

by the 
nauseating pace

of the races 
and the somersaults 

and the hide-
and seek of youth, 

you will be 
the first in line 

to buy 
into your life 

as a camera roll 
of memory proofs

and a key chain 
full of words 

and phrases,
which only obey 

the shape
of your face.


Don't you believe 
in reincarnation? 
That is

to say—
don't you think 
the trees and grasses 

arrayed outside 
your window 

will continue 
to play in 
invisible breezes 

after you 
are gone? 


"I don't believe this!"

As if doubting 
the truth 

were our way 
of catching it 

before it takes 
a nasty fall.