Monday, February 27, 2023


Here, once 
again, comes the 
illimitable sun—

that titan, 
that dynamo, 

that protector, that
exalted one—

that scourge of all 
philanderers, hard 
criminals, and drunks—

that gutsy oligarch 
of planet Earth 

who knows 
how to 
get things done. 

And you watch him
from your window 

as he ferrets 
out the gloom 

and rides upon 
his chariot toward 

the palace 
of high noon—

and you  feel, 
as you do, the relief 
in your bones

as this honey- 
golden thought
first blooms, 

then, drizzles 
down, from your head 
to your toes, 

and spreads 
to suffuse your 
unlettered soul 

with all it could 
possibly know: 

you do not have to 
do this alone.