Friday, February 24, 2023


For a long time, it seems,
we've been looking 
for the source 

of the biggest ideas 
in the universe  
inside of things

but perhaps 
we've been putting all our 
eggs in the wrong basket, 

and we'd be so much 
the wiser to invert
our tired search.

Perhaps, in fact, 
all we can sense
is abstract, 

and only the stark-
ly analytic
is real. 

Arithmetic, identity, 
virtue, logic, etc—
what if 

all these are 
are the bricks 
and the mortar—

the internet, 
water, heat, garbage, 
and electric?

And the warmth
I can feel 
in the palm of a hand

is the only way I'll 
ever understand 
true acceptance—

or the sound of my 
boot soles on 
ground is 

or this city's sidewalks
are my church?