Friday, August 19, 2022


You'd think 
it'd take 
an acid trip, 

or a beatific vision 
on day six 
of a fast, 

but more often, 
you're doing dishes, 
or stuck in traffic 

when you notice: 
a soul 
must exist

in the smallest 
of objects.

may swim 
with the cyanide 
in an apple seed; 

could be stuck
in a hydrogen atom 

like Daedalus 
condemned to roam lost
in his labyrinth.

The proof 
is in how you 
can't ever truly 

map all the ins
to the outs 
of anything—

not without 
pinning and 
killing it, that is. 

Therefore (it practically 
behooves you 
to conclude)

nothing that's living
is ever finished