Monday, August 22, 2022


How simple 
are the mandates
obeyed by ocean waves? 

And yet, how high 
are the barricades 
all of us face 

as we try in our vain way 
to over-complicate 
their movements? 

The manic morning 
undulations and great sighs 
of afternoon; 

the silent senescence, 
by the moonlight 

and the overnight redoubling 
of our decision 
not to bend. 

So this, then, will be left 
as our crest 
and our pinnacle: 

our refusal to flow 
or relinquish 
our own edges, 

to register the absence 
and tremendous largess 
of all of the others 

who have broken 
on that silent shore, 
inexorably, before us 

with our unfathomably 
vast unwillingness 
to depend.