Tuesday, August 23, 2022


In some ways, it isn't 
a very big thing; 

it's more like 
the faceted tip 
of a jewel—

that minuscule, 
razor sharp 
vanishing point 

where Kinship 
meets up with 

and annihilates 
the Individual.

It's a definite, 
and a desperate, 

and a weaponized 
kind of knowing—

like the way 
each blade of rain 

knows the river 
where it came from—

or a pair of stainless 
scissors knows 

the susceptiveness 
of paper—

or a small
desperate mammal,

who has built 
its mock nest 

under the hood 
of your Ford 
in the winter,

instinctively knows 
that it needs 
much more help

than it possibly knows 
how to ask for.