Friday, April 15, 2022


In this life, 
there are many
and hospitable buildings—

the kind to which 
daily access is granted 
to billions. 

Then, there are those 
slightly less 
accommodating places: 

a cramped, remote 
fishing hut 
built for one person,

or a cozy 
but dilapidated 
backwoods cabin 

the roads to which 
are passable only 
in the dry season. 

For each of us, 
though, there is, 
at the last,

that one immense, 
distant, and 
solitary castle—

with its fierce, 
gilded towers and its 
halls of frozen marble

all commissioned by our hunger—
which we were proud once
to inhabit 

but, ever since, 
have merely permitted 
to secretly exist 

without the slightest desire 
or intent 
to revisit.