Monday, April 4, 2022


You've been unsure 
for so long, 

it's turned into 
an addiction—

what will you do 
with these things 
that you feel? 

And you've often trembled
in recognition 

of the voice 
you've been using 
to do all this wondering.

But it might be 
time to begin 
to believe in

this story you've 
been weaving—

to come clean and appreciate 
all the little shocks 
of truth 

which are shot through the morass 
of your neverending fiction.
To observe

which silences 
undergird the fabric 
of each word, 

stitching form 
and emptiness together 
into bodies—

better yet, into names 
which compel their 
passing owners 

to stop short
and gape back 

at you, their most 
reluctant speaker, 
as much in surprise 

as in