Friday, April 22, 2022


In heaven, 
they say, everything 
is just great. 

Angels play trumpets, 
while both sets 
of grandparents 

wave banners 
that say: congratulations, 
you made it!

It's always 
12 noon there, so 
no one's running late,

and the lawns are green 
and spotless—though you 
never have to rake. 

The coffee there is excellent—
though most folks 
barely sip it, since 

there's no such thing
as craving, and everyone's

Of course, if you want, 
you're still free 
to close your eyes 

and try to imagine 
what it's like 
to be unhappy

though you'll never be 
sure if you've 
done it correctly, 

since you're 
no longer able 
to make a mistake.