Thursday, March 31, 2022


While they stand out 
like cracks 
in a load-bearing wall, 

those little awkward pauses 
aren't like that 
at all. 

Woven though they are
through the opaque 

of all our 
most tedious,
prefab conversations,

they seem, at best, 
like empty gaps—
but the truth is 

our hesitations 
are much sturdier 
and more integral than that;

picture the rebar 
which runs right 
through the concrete 

reinforcing the walls 
of the rooms
we were born in—

or the mortar 
holding right 
to the mausoleum's bricks 

which houses 
the remains of our 
very last communication—

every wearisome
second of it,
brick after brick,

whether we chose to build it 
or together.