Monday, March 28, 2022


If our bodies really 
are made out of starlight,

how come our lives feel 
so slow 
and heavy? 

Everything we know 
is supposedly 
made of the stuff, 

but still
there are so many 
words to learn. 

Everything we do 
(so we're told) 
is a vector 

of spellbound elemental matter—
and yet, many
are bad actors,

and others 
have reasonably 
decent intentions 

but nevertheless fail 
to state their cases right.

In fact, 
if everything we say 
is a violent stream

of photons,
heat beams, 
unstable nuclei, 

then who's to say 
we're the same people 
we claimed 

to be when we 
went to sleep last night? 

Then again—
if even the totality 

of all we can 
capably imagine 
is starlight, then 

none of this 
is wrong, because