Tuesday, September 6, 2016


It seems now, however rare
and however useful,
that certain words cost
a lot more than you
ever imagined. 
And to be sure: a good very many 
you received in
exchange were extremely
beautiful—luscious as pure 
cream, juicy as heavy
redolent fruit, and cut
precise as rare
gems, and inlaid in intricate,
particular patterns;

but precious
as they were, fatiguing to find
and even more formidable
to use (so secretly, 
so palpably inopportune—
that even post-hoc impressions 
of the ulterior labor of their 
assembly seemed
tacitly to serve
as appreciable features)
can you still say 
that it was worth it—when
not one, let alone 
the garlanded strands of hundreds
you've been hawking
alone out here
for years now, has ever 
earned you one red
cent, or turned a single