Thursday, January 5, 2023


Sure, the tortoise 
wins the race, but at 
what terrible price? 

Such slowness, 
when put on 
deliberate display 

in the face of feigned 
urgency, is tantamount 
to avarice—to say 

of the wrath which his 
steadiness elicits 

from believers 
in rabbits, aghast,
in the stands. 

For success, it turns 
out, means little 
(or less) 

when we flout divine
order and convention 
just to get there;

and victory, when eased
from the slack mouth
of complacency, 

is a cardinal
offense, not a 
finish line to strive for—

much more 
awful, at least, as far 
as can be gathered

from the dubious
jeers from the
jury of our peers,

than every remaining
deadly sin (including
sloth) all put together.