Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Pleasure is sometimes 
operationally defined 

as the accumulation 
and release of that same 
stored-up tension—

of unpleasant sensations, 
fastidiously collected 

from the tenebrous bulk 
of this great, awful 
somewhere. As such, 

think of how much 
adolescent gratification 
must exist 

in a slap in the face 
on a bitter cold day, 

or an hour laid 
back in some 
renegade dentist's chair. 

But wait—to what 
hopeless extent have we been, 
all along, creating 

and propagating, 
in our desperate bid 
for satisfaction,

a new slave mentality—
fierce dependence 
on cruel masters? 

And is such a phenomenon 
even likely to be measured 

by a ruling class so uninterested 
in consorting 
with the captured?