Friday, January 21, 2022


Isn't it strange
how there are so many
things in life that hurt

but are commonplace enough 
to go right on 
living with? 

Perhaps, in the end, 
all the people 
and words

which are impossible to forget 
are really a curse;

perhaps the best moments 
are the ones you 
can't recall:

the ones which gave nothing
and asked the same in return;

perhaps it's a mercy 
to remain distant,

perhaps if you had 
cared more, you would have 
fared worse.

"Anything is possible" 
is the province of astrologists—

a refrain 
sung by dodgers
and foolhardy mystics.

If anything, 
in the end, 
the exceptional person

is the one who would posit
the inverse:

"this is nowhere near 
where I dreamed I'd be—
but it works."