Thursday, January 6, 2022


Due to a 
profitless surplus 
of data, 

the fact of the matter 
is no longer

and your belief
is an option 
just waiting to be chosen—

like a message
from a corner of 
an origami fortune teller: 

"Don't count on it,"
one says.

"It's your destiny,"
reads another.

But everyone's favorite is
"Ask again later!"


The full implication 
of your will 
to exist 

is bound-up in 
the significance
of whatever happens next:

exerts power 
over time, 

and moves without friction 
across the face 
of the waters—

or else,
two single cells
consent to share a nucleus, 

from floor to ceiling,

then come 
to a consensus

about what to name
the thing 
they're feeling.