Thursday, October 28, 2021


Looking back, 
some would say 
we're obsessed. 

But it isn't quite like that. 
We were told 
when we arrived 

that wealth 
would be plentiful

just as water 
was wet—

that we'd live 
to be much older 
than our parents' generation, 

just as soon 
as we re-bolted the gate, 

every threat. 

So we check, 
and double-

and triple-check 
the locks; 
we circle back

and look 
with microscopes 
and magnifying glasses 

for the faint shapes 
of the arrows 

which we know they 
must have 
humanely painted 

on the floor of the maze 
before they left. 

Now, the thing that 
we're desperate to find 
we cannot shake,

and what we want 
to hold most 
we cannot possess:

a life which
at once feels both penetrable 
and safe.