Tuesday, May 19, 2020


which scene is this? 
What famous movie 

is it we're recreating
each time we take the stage 

to feign 
such oscar-worthy 
ignorance of our situation? 

In order to succeed 
we each must think:
I am the lead,

and everything else 
is background information,

subject to being modified 
from its original version, 

formatted to fit screens 
and edited for television.   

Over the phone, 
conversation feels safer—
by which I mean

more clandestine:
I quote lines 
as if they were my own creations,

and you quip back 
as if words were 
raw ingredients 

for making 
years' worth of shared experiences 

and not merely 
their bleak 

fermentation containers 
stacked up deep
in the basement.